Brigadoon Opticians carries a full line of stylish eyeglass frames, sunglasses and reading glasses.  In addition, we provide a wide variety of contact lenses for both daily and extended wear.  For your convenience, we can arrange an appointment for a comprehensive exam with Middletown Eye Care (located next door) .

The quality of the care you receive is our focus. We are committed to providing you with outstanding service and the latest technology in lenses and frames. Our attention to detail is what seperates us from our competition. 

Enjoy choosing from an extensive product selection to fit any budget in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. We will work closely with your doctor to provide you with eyewear to ensure you will enjoy the crystal clear, comfortable vision you deserve.

Claude Dean

Born in 1950, in Sullivan, IN to Perlene and Wayne Dean, I was the 4th of 7 children. At the age of 19, I was drafted into the Army and, as it turns out, I happened to be the very last person to be drafted from Sullivan County. I signed up for an extra year of duty to avoid going to Vietnam because I am a “peace-loving S.O.B.”. My Army career took me to Fort Knox, KY and then to Texas.  From there, it was back to Kentucky and then on to Germany. While there, I drove an ambulance for a day but got lost, so that was the end of my career as an ambulance driver. I spent the rest of my days working for an optometrist dispensing military eyeware and that’s where I learned the optical trade. While oversees, I met Edward, who brought me home to his house in New Jersey during the summer of 1973. I met and fell in love with his sister, Rosemary. I was determined to keep seeing her and my determination paid off. We got married in February of 1975 and in 1977 our first child, Jessica, was born. A few years later, my son, Joshua came along, followed by another daughter, Erin. All the kids are grown up and married and I am the proud grandfather seven AMAZING grandchildren..

Tom Rower

Thomas Rower was born in NYC in 1951. The family moved to NJ where Tom graduated from Union High School. He then attended Union County College for accounting and worked part time at an optical store as a stock clerk. He quickly became intrigued with the field of optics and worked in the back room were he helped make glasses.

After a year of part time work, he went to work full-time as an apprentice optician receiving optical training at night. He loved working with his hands and was fascinated with the science and art of the trade.  His mission is to provide the best possible vision and comfort with style for his clients.

Working and living at the Jersey Shore is the optimal lifestyle for Tom. When not working, Tom devotes most of this time to his two wonderful children two awesome grandkids. As Tom often says, "There is a lot of enjoyment in not only seeing into the eyes of my family, but also seeing into the eyes of a satisfied customer."